Join module 3 of the training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy "The Healing Field"

We are happy to invite you to join module 3 of the training mentioned above (you still can start the training with this module).
Trainers: Bernadette Blin, Rainer Pervöltz
Date: May 24 to June 32021
Venue: Seminar hotel Seidenbuch (Odenwald/Germany)
Fee: 1,700 EUR plus room & board
Language: English
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The "Old Central". The Mandala of Being. Working with the Dream Body based on Arnold Mindell's teachings. Discovering your Essence.
Your individual essence is who you really are, behind all the mechanisms, behind the facade, the tricks and the manipulations, behind the manifold forms of control that you have learned to exercise in order to get what you think you need. The Old Central, the facade, is nothing more than a form by which you have learned to conform to the consensus ideas of society or your family, so that you could survive in their framework, were loved, and received a certain form of recognition.            
This secondary form of life always went hand in hand with the sacrifice of something very precious and vital in you. You could say, it coincided with your renunciation of shining. Today, guilt and shame, and often a deeply rooted sense of self-destructive modesty, play a crucial role in sustaining this absence of radiating the most wonderful of yourself.

This replacement program which is not yourself, but something that you have learned, is almost always associated with strain and effort. You have learned, in agreement with the influantial people in your surroundings, to rise and stand against the simple and elegant flow of life, against what wants to happen as a matter of course. You try to enforce your personal, often ambitious ideas, instead. This requires strength and energy, causes stress, and often leads to exhaustion.

If you could live in your essence, all the traffic lights would be on green, so to speak. Without a doubt, you too, have experienced days where life has practically flown by itself, where you don't have to make any effort and everything is easy for you. This creates an inner, deep feeling of well-being, peace and harmony. It is actually what you always dream of - and at the same time prevent from happening.  It just brings back all the fears you had as a child, when (under exertion and pain) you had to give up more and more of yourself.

The form of therapy that you learn in this training is therefore always twofold. You become competent in supporting your clients to  understand and become instantaneously aware of their Old Centre (their old learned survival system) and at the same time help them to find a way back to their true self. Working with the essence takes a long time (because we all refuse to leave our customary identity behind), but it also offers a wonderful, encouraging perspective that helps to pass through the not always easy processes of self-exploration.

Grof Legacy Training - New Start Date

The start date of the Grof Legacy Training has to be postponed.

Due to the pandemic situation, the Grof Legacy Training will start from October 23 to November 2, 2022. The venue will be the seminar center Trifilli in Lourdata on the Greek island Kefalonia.

The Intimacy of Consciousness Exploration and Transpersonal Psychotherapy - Coming Home

This volume brings together the transpersonal psychotherapists and teachers of the Institute to tell their own very personal and intimate explorations of consciousness.

What has the experience of "coming home" meant to them? Has it meant connecting with God, the Divine Feminine, the Cosmos, the Sacred? Has it meant arriving at home in themselves, in their very center, in their essence? Where is home? Is it inside, is it outside, or is it both? All world cultures have stories about this particular place. In addition to describing their own unique quests, the contributors also share how radically such a journey challenged them to face their own vulnerabilities and shadow parts. Various, very different and often startling personal stories are told.

Through reading of the very human trials and psycho-spiritual challenges that these nine international teachers have endured on their journeys home, readers will gain insights and greater understanding regarding their own explorations of consciousness. They will realize that the spiritual journey can have many faces and take many paths. the one thing, however, thal all authors have in common, is the longing to be fully and wholly oneself.

Enjoy reading.

The Way of the Psychonaut: Stanislav Grofs Journey of Consciousness

Dokumentary film by and with Stanislav Grof

Trailer of the film and more information concerning lending or buying the film.

Buch von Elias Capriles

Elias Capriles:
The Beyond Mind Papers

Under the influence of antipsychiatry, in India and Nepal, in the mid 1970s, I set up refuges for people undergoing spiritual emergencies. I was also following the principles of Buddhism, and then in the second half of the 1970s I received Dzogchen teachings and went to practice them in retreat in caves and cabins in the higher Himalayas. On my return to the West, I began to read about transpersonal and integral psychology, and on the basis of my twofold experience - with  Dzogchen theory and practice and with spiritual emergencies - I found flaws in some of the best-known authors in these fields. For one, some transpersonalists were not making the necessary distinctions between regressive descent and (meta-)existential descent—the latter being aptly illustrated by Dante’s Divine Comedy, whereas others that had come to refer to their views by the label “integral” saw spirituality as a process of ascent through the creation of successive structures—which outright contradicts the theory and practice of Buddhism, and in particular of Dzogchen. Moreover, they failed to discriminate between the different types of transpersonal experience: (1) those that belong to samsara and which comprise, (a) the neutral condition of the base-of-all (a condition free from thoughts and from the subject-object duality that pertains to samsara because it involves unawareness of the true condition of all phenomena), and (b) the formless realms (in which we perceive and infinitude and identify with it); and (2) the nonstatic nirvana that has its most perfect instance in the condition that the Dzogchen teachings call rigpa. Because of all of this I felt the compelling need to provide an alternative to the systems in question, developing what I now call a “Philosophy and Psychology of Awakening”. The most complete and best achieved version of this philosophy and psychology I believe to be expressed in the second edition of the four-volume book The Beyond Mind Papers (based on a series of papers that were published in the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies), which are available through Amazon.

Volumes I to IV
are now available.
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