Trainings with the Institute for Consciousness Exploration

The teachers of the Institute are happy to invite you to join the trainings described below.

The Healing Field - Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy

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Learn from twelve pioneer transpersonal psychotherapists from around the world for this life-changing opportunity.
The International Institute for Consciousness Exploration and Psychotherapy Freiburg (I.I.B.P.) offers an exciting 4-and-a-half year, deeply experiential and certified educational training program focusing on everything you ever wanted to know about Transpersonal Psychotherapy. You will be instructed in the theory and practice of transpersonal psychotherapy and spiritual development as they are taught by the main transpersonal schools of Germany, France, Russia, Spain, and in the USA.
Modules also can be booked separately.

Module 7
Date: May 9 to 19, 2023
Teacher: Rainer Pervöltz
Tutors: Magda Solé, Jaume Mestres
Venue: Hof Integra (Dinkelscherben/Bavaria)

Dates of next modules:
Module 8: September 7 to 17, 2023
Module 9: May 2 to 12, 2024

Contents of module 7
In those 10 days, I propose to you to do mainly very practical therapeutic work, with all the topics that you and I have looked at together so far. Needless to say that you can only do good work with your clients, if you have integrated (or at least touched upon) the equivalent experiences in your own daily living. So working ongoingly as therapists within the group on these topics will naturally deepen your own personal process.
The "Central"  is not really a new therapeutic method. However, it simplifies and focusses numerous existing approaches and brings them down to a clear and simple denominator. There is, for once, the perspective of seeing your whole (hi)story in the light of one single red-thread-aspect, instead of working with many sub-categories, sub-personalities et cetera. This does not minimise the value of the other approaches, it helps you to look at your life in a more radical way, which can more effectively overcome  forms of ambivalence, illusions, or other ambiguities. It also supports you in your daily life to become much more quickly aware of your personal ways of creating your own misery, sufferings, anxieties and failings. It also enables you to look at yourself in a friendly way by understanding that most of your feelings and behaviour do not root in your true self but in the compromises that you were obliged to adapt to as a child in order to beloved, to be accepted, to have a place. 
The second main aspect, the rediscovery of your true self, your essence, is of course also a very widespread concept. In working with the "learned story" AND the "essence" more or less simultaneously, you can more easily encourage your clients to get a more hopeful and joyful perspective on his or her life. Again, the idea of the red thread comes into play by aiming for your "individual" essence, which is different from the more general understanding of essence in the sense of being in touch with your Higher Self, your center, your intuition. You can understand your individual essence rather like a bridge to this more general understanding of essence. 
Within the same intention, we will explore and practise elementary and simple forms of the dream-body work - which always implies, to a certain extent, the ability to "leave yourself out". Other words for describing this capacity would be: giving up control, learning to trust other agencies in you besides the mental apparatus, or leaving yourself to a certain emptiness of your mind, which can lead you to much more satisfying experiences than your ordinary thinking machine can even imagine.

pdfThe complete program for download
pdfWhat is Transpersonal Psychology?

Your teachers
Rainer Pervöltz (Freiburg, Germany)
Dr Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz (Freiburg, Germany)
Bernadette Blin (Paris, France)
Dr Gennady Brevde (St Petersburg, Russia)
Dr Stefan Dressler (Freiburg, Germany)
Dr Regina U. Hess (Cologne, Germany)
Dr Vladimir Maykov (Moscow, Russia)
Jaume Mestres (Barcelona, Spain)
Dr Judith Miller (Philadelphia, USA)
Olga Mokhina (Wolgograd, Russia)
Magda Solé (Barcelona, Spain)
Dr Sergey Strekalov (St Petersburg, Russia)​

This is quite a unique team of trainers. Not only are most of us leaders of transpersonal training centres or influential transpersonal psychotherapists in our respective countries, but also did we spend countless emotional meetings - debating, confronting, and forging together a view of transpersonal psychotherapy which allows diverging standpoints and yet, a common base for offering this far-reaching training program. These meetings resulted in two important outcomes. One is the book Coming Home – The Intimacy of Consciousness Exploration and Transpersonal Psychotherapy (Cambridge Scholar Publishing, 2017) which we wrote together, and which bears testimony to the many days and nights of common investigation. The other is a deep heart-felt friendship which grew gradually out of our encounters and has become more and more powerful over the last years. We believe that this will be a good fundament for running such a large-scale training together. You might be interested in this training out of different reasons. Whether you are a healer who has been engaging in psycho-spiritual practices with clients for many years, or whether you are a mainstream psychotherapist who wants to extend his world-view and his healing capacities, or whether you are a spiritual seeker who is searching for greater meaning in your life, this training “The Healing Field” may be just the perfect fit for what you have been looking for. It begins in spring 2019, and consists of two ten-day sessions, held in the spring and autumn for each of the four and a half years. We meet in beautiful and serene locations in Southern Germany, the Paris countryside, in Barcelona, St. Petersburg, Moscow, and in the desert of Morocco. If you join this training you acquire for yourself - next to profound individual and collective experiences - a multitude of transpersonal tools and methods from 12 teachers, who all have long years of working and teaching experience. They will assist and guide you to find your style, your own well-grounded therapeutic attitude, and the methodical set of transpersonal tools which will suit you best and the people which you work or will work with.

Grof Legacy Training - Training in Transpersonal Breathwork / Grof® Breathwork and Spiritual Guidance with Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz, Viktoria Luchetti, and Myoungkwon Kim, Ed.D. (Molla) - 2023 - 2025

Ingo Jahrsetz Portrait

Viktoria Luchetti 2020We are happy to announce that Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz, Viktoria Luchetti and Myoungkwon Kim are authorized by Stan and Brigitte Grof to offer trainings in his name and to pass on his knowledge and legacy.

This new training for English speaking participants will take place twice a year for ten days each in the seminar center Hollerbuehl (South Germany) in February and in South Korea in July.


If possible, Stan and Brigitte Grof will be invited as guests at one of the meetings

Pilot Project II in China (2023-2026)

Ingo Jahrsetz Portrait

Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Transpersonal Breathwork and Spiritual Guidance
with Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz / N.N. and teachers of the International Institute for Consciousness Exploration Freiburg
in cooperation with the Hezong Institute / China (director: Shaoran Cheng)
12 modules (2 modules of 5 days each twice a year) plus online group integration and supervision
Optional modules at different venues in China
Start: 2023
Venue: Jiaozuo / Yuntai Mountains (Henan, China)
Languages: English with translation into Chinese


The trainings of the International Institute for Consciousness Exploration and Psychotherapy Freiburg can be completed with three different types of certificates:

Green Certificate with a list of the topics of the training

Silver Certificate
To obtain this certificate you have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Regular participation in the training
  • Supervision, at least 100 hours; individually or as a small group (one day equals 8 hours)
  • Regular participation in a peer group
  • Final thesis

Golden Certificate
The following requirements have to be fulfilled in addition to those for the silver certificate:

  • Proof of 150 hours of psychopathology (this requirement can be fulfilled by appropriate university studies)
  • Another 50 hours of supervision with a supervisor accepted by us in addition to the 100 hours of supervision required for the silver certificate
  • Three (3) years of practical work as a psychotherapist with at least five (5) clients per week

With the golden certificate, the EUROTAS Certificate of Transpersonal Psychotherapy (ECTP) may be obtained very easily.

For reasons of quality assurance, the issuance of a certificate may be withheld or linked to special conditions in duly justified cases. 

Die Ausbildungen des Internationalen Instituts für Bewusstseinserforschung und Psychotherapie Freiburg können mit drei verschiedenen Zertifikaten abgeschlossen werden:

Zertifikat Grün mit Auflistung der vermittelten Ausbildungsinhalte

Zertifikat Silber
Zur Erlangung dieses Zertifikats ist Folgendes erforderlich:

  • Regelmässige Teilnahme an der Ausbildung
  • Supervision, mindestens 100 Stunden; einzeln oder in einer Kleingruppe (ein Tag Gruppensupervision zählt 8 Stunden)
  • Regelmässige Teilnahme an einer Peergruppe
  • Abschlussarbeit

Zertifikat Gold
Zusätzlich zum Zertifikat Silber sind erforderlich:

  • Nachweis über 150 Stunden Psychopathologie (diese Anforderung kann durch ein entsprechendes Universitätsstudium erfüllt werden; für TeilnehmerInnen aus Deutschland besteht derzeit zudem noch die Möglichkeit, als Nachweis die Erlaubnis zur Ausübung der Heilkunde, eingeschränkt für den Bereich der Psychotherapie vorzulegen).
  • Zusätzlich zu den für das Zertifikat Silber erforderlichen Supervisionsstunden weitere 50 Stunden Supervision bei einem/einer von uns anerkannten Supervisor/in
  • Drei (3) Jahre eigene therapeutische Praxis mit mindestens fünf (5) KlientInnen pro Woche

Durch das Zertifikat Gold kann auf sehr einfache Weise das EUROTAS Certificate of Transpersonal Psychotherapy (ECTP) erworben werden.

Die Vergabe der Zertifikate kann in begründeten Fällen zur Qualitätssicherung des Abschlusses vorenthalten oder mit bestimmten Auflagen verbunden werden.