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Grof Legacy Training - Training in Transpersonal Breathwork / Grof® Breathwork and Spiritual Guidance with Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz, Viktoria Luchetti, and Myoungkwon Kim, Ed.D. (Molla) - 2023 - 2025

Ingo Jahrsetz Portrait

Viktoria Luchetti 2020We are happy to announce that Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz, Viktoria Luchetti and Myoungkwon Kim are authorized by Stan and Brigitte Grof to offer trainings in his name and to pass on his knowledge and legacy.

This new training for English speaking participants will take place twice a year for ten days each in the seminar center Hollerbuehl (South Germany) in February and in South Korea in July.


If possible, Stan and Brigitte Grof will be invited as guests at one of the meetings


Start: February 18 to 28, 2023 (South Korea) (running group is closed)
Costs: 9000 EUR for the complete 3-years training plus the costs for room & board in the seminar centers
Jeju, South Korea - Modules in February
Seminar center Hollerbuehl (Southern Germany) - Modules 7 + 8 in July 2024
Milelja Retreat Center (Lesbos) - Modules in July (except Modules 7+8)

Overview on the other dates:
July 18 to 28, 2024 (Hollerbuehl / South Germany)
February 15 to 25, 2025 (South Korea)
July 17 to 27, 2025 (Milelja Retreat Center, Greek island Lesbos)

New possible access:   in spring 2026 a new training will be possible. Detailed information about leadership and location will be disclosed as soon as possible. If you are interested, please let us know.

pdfDetailed information about the "Grof Legacy Training" in PDF format
pdfInformation by Stan and Brigitte Grof on the Grof® Legacy Training

Brigitte and Stan Grof

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