Who we are

We are a team of 12 therapists and teachers. We have all been working in our field for quite some time, and many of us have their own training centres in their respective countries.

We met, got to know each other, and became friends. This friendship is the fundament of our shared work. Making friends has been a process which helped us to live what we stand for in our work. The times which we have been born into necessarily urge people to relate to one another differently. There are already many who dare to take new steps, but it can always only be a trial, we have few certainties.

Usually we didn't have parents who knew how to make relationships in a satisfying way.

We got to know each other as a team and discovered that we all see our work rooted in the framework of transpersonal therapy – despite a number of formal and methodological differences. Our cultural backgrounds sometimes diverge widely - we see this as a good breeding ground for joint creativity.

This give-and-take effort is diverse. We have our origins in dealing with the body in a therapeutic manner and, as a rule, in humanistic psychotherapy. The fundament of our work are “healing fields”, holotropic states of consciousness (holotropic breathing), dream body work, theater work and shamanic healing. We have a systemic understanding of connectedness and of the relationships in our world.

We are "wounded healers" and, like most people, have a more or less well-functioning defence system. But what we have also experienced is that there is a dynamic self-healing potential in us, ready to be tapped, and forces to be mobilized, of whose powerful influence most people are unaware.