Welcome to the page of The Eastern European Faculty (EEF).

We are a part of the International Institute for Consciousness Exploration and Psychotherapy. The faculty specializes in activities in Eastern Europe, including Russia.

We are the EEF teachers:

  • Olga Mokhina, Volgograd - Dean of the EEF, head of the Supervisory Board of Volzhsky mental and neurological clinic.
  • Dr Vladimir Maykov; Moscow - President of the Russian Association for Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy.
  • Dr Gennady Brevde, Saint Petersburg -  certified European Transpersonal Psychotherapist.
  • Dr Sergey Strekalov, Saint Petersburg - Grand Doctor of Psychology, Professor.

Transpersonal psychology and practice is our passion, inspiration, and the meaning of our activity.

We work with such approaches as voice dialogue, breathing psychotechnics (holotropic breathwork, transpersonal breathwork, vivation, etc.), spontaneous theater of subpersonalities, transpersonal coaching and mindfulness.
Our interests cover such topics as: essence of psychotherapy, the most effective ancient practices of the care of the soul, stopping internal dialogue, physiology-based spirituality, сreative leadership, transpersonal psychosomatics and bodywork.

The faculty organizes and leads professional training programs:

  • “Pneumosynthesis, Primordial Psychotherapy, and Tools for Evolution”, Vladimir Maykov (Moscow, Russia).
  • “Creative Leadership”, Gennady Brevde & Eugenia Semina, guest teacher of EEF (St. Petersburg and Sochi, Russia).
  • “Psychology of Selves (Voice Dialogue)”, Sergey Strekalov (St. Petersburg, Russia).
  • “Breathing Psychotechniques: transpersonal, health and psychotherapeutic methods of breathwork”, Olga Mokhina (Volgograd, Russia).
  • “Theory and practice of the mental-processual field of consciousness”, Elena Kovaleva, guest teacher of EEF (Novorossiysk, Russia).
  • “The method of Mindfulness as a tool for psychotherapy”, online course by Elena Kovaleva, guest teacher of EEF (Novorossiysk, Russia).
  • “Transpersonal drawing for personal development”, online and offline course by Alexander Rozhkin (Strannik) (Moscow, Russia).

If you want to join our team, become a guest teacher, jointly develop and enrich the transpersonal field - we are open to cooperation and your suggestions.



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