Regina U. Hess


Trauma Meets Cacao
Moving Beyond the Trauma as a Catalyst for Transformation
Integrating Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Shamanic Tools Including a Cacao Ceremony

Leitung: Dr. Regina U. Hess
Ort: Bukarest (Rumänien)

In this workshop examples of pre/peri/post-natal, biographical, collective, transgenerational, and transcultural trauma will be outlined. Clinical psychopathology and treatments will be briefly summarized and then expanded to include a broader holistic framework rooted in transpersonal psychology and shamanism. An ancient spiritual cacao ceremony will be performed with the participants which can promote an opening of the heart to support moving beyond the trauma identification and to enhance the transformational healing process and wellbeing. Trauma is not only understood as pathology but as a potential place for growth and resilience – as a spiritual teacher.

This workshop and cacao ceremony can be also invited to any other place. If you are interested, please contact Regina.


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