“The Healing Field” – Internationale Ausbildung in Transpersonaler Psychotherapie

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Die Ausbildung besteht aus 9 Modulen von jeweils 10 Tagen, die zweimal im Jahr – im Frühjahr und im Herbst – angeboten werden.

Daten und Orte
Modul 1: 28.03.-07.04.2019 – La Bergerie de Villarceaux, Frankreich
Modul 2: 31.10.-10.11.2019 – Seminarhotel Jonathan, Deutschland
Modul 3: 23.04.-03.05.2020 – St. Petersburg, Russland
Modul 4: 22.10.-01.11.2020 – Nomad Palace Hotel, Marokko
Modul 5: 18.03.-28.03.2021 – Seminarzentrum Sonnenstrahl, Deutschland
Modul 6: 02.09.-12.09.2021 – Moskau, Russland
Modul 7: 12.05.-22.05.2022 – Seminarzentrum Sonnenstrahl, Deutschland
Modul 8: 01.09.-11.09.2022 – Barcelona, Spanien
Modul 9: 11.05.-21.05.2023 – La Bergerie de Villarceaux, Frankreich


Frühbucherpreis bis 15. Oktober 2018: 12.500 EUR zzgl. Übernachtung und Verpflegung sowie Reisekosten
Frühbucherpreis bis 1. Dezember 2018: 13.000 EUR zzgl. Übernachtung und Verpflegung sowie Reisekosten
Ab 2. Dezember 2018: 13.500 EUR zzgl. Übernachtung und Verpflegung sowie Reisekosten

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Video: Einführung in die Ausbildung in Transpersonaler Psychotherapie – The Healing Field


Rainer Pervöltz (Freiburg, Deutschland) – Module 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 – Video
In my work, three main aspects will be in the foreground:
–  the polarity of the “central
–  working with the “dreaming body
–  how we make relationships
Basically, all humans who belong to our culture, live in a polarity: mainly, they function in a more or less mechanical, conditioned inner setting, which is still in an adult life a mode of survival – we had to adapt to it as children. Mehr

Dr. Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz (Freiburg, Deutschland) – Modul 9 – Video
My work is a process, which transforms itself again and again.
As I started as a psychotherapist, almost 40 years ago, I had studied the world-views of psychoanalysis and later of humanistic psychology: I tried to help people to find a balance within their adult identity, which would make it possible to stand for themselves, for the needs of their body, for their creativity, and take at the same time a self-conscious stance within the net of their families, their friends and their work.

Bernadette Blin (Paris, Frankreich) – Module 1, 3, 5, 9 – Video
Transpersonal psychotherapists work at different levels. We welcome the wounded ego or wounded child of our clients and offer them the support they need to fulfill their basic needs, which were not met when they were children. But we also reflect their essence, their true nature, the space of infinite resources and potentialities.
Our main “tool” to accomplish this goal is the therapeutic relationship before any kind of methods, practices and techniques. Our humanity, clarity, our open heart will be our best allies to help our clients. Mehr

Dr. Gennady Brevde (St. Petersburg, Russland) – Module 3, 4, 8 – Video
One of the main goals of my work is to make my students know and master how the conscious ego can achieve understanding of and collaboration with the structures of the unconsciousness. The autonomous structures of the unconscious – subpersonalities and archetypes –create our emotions, feelings, and our general worldview. They define our psychological reality, in which we cannot switch on or off a particular emotion or even some ordinary daily happening. Mehr


Dr. Stefan Dressler (Freiburg, Deutschland) – Module 4, 6, 8 – Video
Why and how exactly do we close our heart in relation to ourselves, in our work or in all-day-life? And what exactly do we need to reopen it?
Based on a scientific and experiential conceptual perspective I shall assist you in essentially understanding the role of emotions and of your heart. You will recognize the four basic patterns of human perception and experience (attending/awareness, identification, felt being, letting go from the heart). This will help you to get in touch with what I call your “Central Drama”. Mehr

Dr. Regina U. Hess (Köln, Deutschland) – Module 2, 5 – Video
My contribution to this training course will be two major topics that are at the heart of my work. In the module on Wounding, Trauma, and our Innate Healing Capacity as Spiritual Teachers, I will cover pre/peri/post-natal, biographical, collective, transgenerational and transcultural trauma. Clinical psychopathology and treatments will be first outlined and then expanded to include a transpersonal healing framework based on the concept of interconnectedness. Mehr


Dr. Vladimir Maykov (Moskau, Russland) – Modul 6 – Video
In my work, three main aspects will be in the foreground:
Ancient practices of the care of the soul as the source of modern psychotherapy
How to work with 12 modalities of primordial psychotherapy in the modern world
The nature and function of Eros and Sexuality from a transpersonal, integral and process-work point of view. Modern psychotherapy is a little more than hundred years old. But what was “a psychotherapy before psychotherapy”, before Freud and Breuer? Mehr

Jaume Mestres (Barcelona, Spanien) – Modul 4 sowie alle Module als Tutor – Video
My proposal for the training is a procedure in tandem: through the union of forces we can better tackle the obstacles of this exciting life.
Two essential topics: shamanism and coaching. We will bring them together and you will learn to develop techniques which will enable you to apply the secrets of shamanism to your daily life. I call this: Transpersonal Intuitive Coaching. More and more, intuition could become your main way of thinking. Mehr

Dr. Judith Miller (USA) – Modul 7 – Video
My inspiration as a Transpersonal psychologist and Professor of Human Development is to support others to develop and maintain a relationship with the Sacred. The Sacred is the eternal source from which the soul draws its energy and power. It is something of a different order – it is grounded in reality itself. I believe that experiencing the Sacred and integrating it into one’s worldview, one’s personality, and one’s consciousness is necessary for any kind of authentic spiritual growth to occur. Mehr


Dr. Olga Mokhina (Wolgograd, Russland) – Module 3, 6, 8 – Video
My work will be focused on three large topics: death and dying, dealing with emotions, and mind culture, developed through meditation and psychopathological states of consciousness. Being oneself, or, more precisely, having the courage to be oneself in order to answer the biggest challenge of human existence, is the common ground for these three topics. Our personal history is often written through the efforts to become someone else, to adopt the samples offered by society and culture. Mehr

Magda Solé (Barcelona, Spanien) – Modul 4 sowie alle Module als Tutorin – Video
Traditional medicine often uses remedies which, in a way, are absolutely valid nowadays in order to support recovery in the physical body as well as in destructive forms of thinking and feeling.
At the same time, ancient spiritual traditions can propose effective ways of healing for disorders and problems which are present in the everyday life of the 21st century.


Dr. Sergey Strekalov (St. Petersburg, Russland) – Modul 2
Attention is a central element in the life of every person. What you direct your attention to will begin to grow and become more real. This is why you are asked to think and feel intensively about something, if you would like it to have or happen.
Such simple “tricks” really work. Not in every case, however, and not very often, because unfortunately, we are just too happy to let ourselves be distracted by all sorts of things.

Conni Eder (Freiburg, Deutschland), Büroassistentin – Video
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