The path of life is a process in which there is a beginning and an end that lies beyond birth
and death. Life in its origin is an erotic impulse.

Transpersonal psychotherapy understands itself as an expansion and exploration of
consciousness. Life develops always within a spiritual perspective.
Consciousness exists independently of the body and manifests in multifaceted forms.
The purpose of all manifestations is to offer the potential to overcome the seeming separation,
encounter yourself with more love, and know yourself in a deeper manner. Life provides
continuous self-awareness.

Body and consciousness are two different aspects of one common energy. They appear
separate, but are nevertheless in a permanent reciprocal interplay. Life is the embodiment of spirit
and the spiritualization of the body.

Psychic conflicts and physical ailments can cause great suffering. However, if the pain is
accepted, it offers the chance to expand your horizon of experience. In principal, such conflicts
and psychic pain are not to be understood as a consequence of culpable thinking or behaving, but
always as allies who wish to support openness and development. Crisis-laden processes are
often the expression of an undelivered longing. In crisis-laden life phases, “normality,” the “nonhabitual”,
and the “pathological” are merely concepts of consciousness.

Psychotherapy, as all living processes, takes place in a field of a relationship.
Comprehension of the field continually opens new aspects of human contact and
communication, and thereby surpasses traditional therapeutic understanding. Thus, you can say “I
am I and you are you” in the comprehension and dynamics of the “knowing field.” However, it
can also be expressed as “I am because you are,” and “You are because I am.” To be anchored in
your own strength is as much a pre-condition for a fulfilling relationship as recognizing that in
the field, there is nothing but relationship.

Relationships are of major importance in human life. Relationships imply dependency,
commitment, and the creative possibility that something utterly new can come into existence.

The body is the most evident expression of your momentary consciousness. Therefore it
occupies an important place in Transpersonal Psychotherapy. Through the body, wisdom can
express itself which largely exceeds mental understanding.
To progressively abandon yourself to the process and its inherent healing forces, is one of
the essential aspects of our therapeutic work. Engaging fully in the psycho-spiritual process,
helps people to grow beyond the narrow borders of a mechanical routine attitude with regards to
work and to life.
Trusting the impulses of the body is an adventure that leads into deep dimensions of
consciousness; conversely, manifestations of consciousness such as visions, dreams, and
evolutionary ideas will lead to strong bodily responses. By fully realizing and directly
experiencing how Body and consciousness are one, people are able to live in harmony with
themselves, with spirit, with all other beings, and with Reality itself.
There is always change. We have merely the choice whether it will happen to our benefit
or to our detriment.

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