Transpersonal Breathwork and Psychotherapy in China

Facilitators: Drs Judith Miller and Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz – Assistant: Bianca Kampa
Next date: May 10-20, 2019
Location: Nearby Shengzhou, province Hennan (Central China)
Tuition: 840 EUR (special price for people from Western countries) plus room and board
Languages: Chinese, English
Information and registration: Tel. +49 761-475846,

They must often change who would remain constant in happiness and wisdom


Judith Miller and Ingo Jahrsetz offer Transpersonal Breathwork and Psychotherapy in Central China from April 7-15, 2017. Central China also was the place where the philosopher Confucius lived and acted in the fourth century before common era.
In today’s China, more and more people now are interested in Buddhism and Taoism.

This workshop is meant mainly for Chinese people, however, participants from Western countries are also very welcome.
Feel invited to register if you are interested in this exciting cultural exchange.
We orgnaize room and board as well as the transfer from the airport. And we kindly ask you to buy yourself the airline ticket to Zhengzhou.


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