Three-years international training 2016-2018

Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Spiritual Guidance and Transpersonal Breathwork as an Initiatory Tool

The next international training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Spiritual Guidance and Transpersonal Breathwork with Drs Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz und Judith Miller will start on March 9th, 2016 and will take place at three different international venues.

The training is composed of twelve 5-days modules, which will be offered in spring and fall as 10-day-blocks.

March 9-19, 2016
September 23 – October 3, 2016
March 13-23, 2017
November 3-13, 2017
April 3-13, 2018
October, 19-29, 2018

Black Forest (Germany)
Philadelphia (USA)
Island of Kefalonia (Greece)

German and English with translation

Training fee
600 EUR per module – complete 7,200 EUR without room and board

The participants receive a Certificate of the Institute.
Moreover, they can seek to receive the Eurotas Certificate in Transpersonal Psychotherapy (ECTP). This Certificate fulfills the criteria established by Eurotas.

As of now, definite registrations can be made.

An overview of the training, its contents and the prerequisites can be found in the Curriculum Training 2016-2018.

If you have further questions or if you want to register please don’t hesitate to contact us via telephone (+49-761-475846) or e-mail (

PDF for download

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