Dr Olga Mokhina

OlgaOlga Mokhina – psychologist, full member of the Russian Association of Transpersonal Psychology & Psychotherapy, full member of the Professional Psychotherapeutic League. Director of the psychological center “Vysota” (literally “Height” or “Ascension” in Russian). Head of the Supervisory Board of Volzhsky mental and neurological clinic. Coordinator of the project of the psychological help to the patients with cancer diseases.

Practicing transpersonal psychologist. Studied process-oriented therapy with Arnold and Amy Mindell,  body-oriented psychotherapy with Mark Sandomirsky and Andrey Ermoshin, biological feedback with Aleksandr Smetankin.

Qualified in various breathing psychotechniques, such as Holotropic Breathwork, Transpersonal Breathwork, rebirthing, vivation. Collaborated with leading expert in breathing techniques – Vladimir Maykov, German Karelsky and Vladimir Kozlov.

Studied shamanic traditions in Siberia, Mexico and Venezuela, martial and healing taoist methods with grandmaster Lee Hong Tai, Buddhist breathing and yoga practices of Yantra Yoga.

Author of original techniques of emergency psychological help, self-recuperation and personal growth.

Psychological practice in London, Moscow, Volgograd and other cities.

Contact +7 927 2522843, www.olamo.ru, olga.mokhina@gmail.com

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