Dr Regina U. Hess

Dr Regina Heß

Dr Regina Heß

Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology (U.S.) &
Qualitative Research/Embodied Phenomenology (UK)
Clinical Psychologist (BA and MA equivalent, Germany)
Certified in the body-mind-spirit practices program “Trauma Healing and Transformation,” Capacitar International, U.S.
Body-oriented integrative Gestalt therapy and creative therapy (Fritz Perls Institute, Germany)
Meditation & traditional healing traditions
International speaker & author, arts & film
EUROTAS Board of Directors (www.eurotas.org)
Co-Founder EUROTAS Division of Transpersonal Research

Regina works in a Private Clinic for Psychological Medicine and in Transpersonal Psychotherapeutic Private Practice in Cologne/Germany, and is specialized in body-oriented transpersonal approaches to work around individual, collective, and transgenerational forms of trauma. Her further passion includes qualitative transpersonal research into experiences of healing, self-realization and consciousness, and the use of art, music, and film for the dissemination of scientific knowledge. She travels the world to study traditional healing traditions.



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