Dr Gennady Brevde

Gennady Brevde

PhD, psychologist, certified transpersonal psychotherapist, professor of PPL / EAP
Member of EUROTAS Board & Committee for Certification & Accreditation, member of the Board of Russian Association of Transpersonal Psychology & Psychotherapy, member of Council of Modalities of PPL / EAP, Corresponding Member of International Academy of Psychological Sciences and Baltic Pedagogical Academy.

Psychotherapeutic practice in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Krasnodar, Volgograd, Novgorod, Kazan and Chita, Russia.

Counselor and psychotherapist for individuals, couples and families.
Trainer for Transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy.

Gennady is trained in body-oriented psychotherapy with Irina Kuris and with Nina Andreeva and Nikolay Kudryashov.

Further training in different Breathing therapies (Vladimir Kozlov and German Karelsky).
Process-oriented Psychotherapy with Rainy Hauser.

Family therapy, Psychodrama and Gestalt therapy with Prof. Edmund Eidemiller.

In his work Gennady use author’s methods and psychotechniques produced with application of breath techniques, body-oriented psychotherapy, process-work, art-techniques and theatre-techniques, processes of active imagination.

Author of more than 40 articles and sections of a monograph dedicated to the problems of philosophical anthropology and depth psychology.

Application of myths, theatric sketches and techniques, dance, body expression and bodywork in psychotherapy, human development, achieving integrity.

Contact +7 921 9337307, www.sapientterra.ru, brevde@gmail.com

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