HEALING – Western and Eastern Shamanic Views

Public Symposium and Workshops
with the Russian Shaman Valentin Chagdaev
March 5th – 7th, 2016

This event will start on Saturday, March 5th with our third Symposium on Western and shamanic views on healing with Valentin Chagdaev, a shaman of burjatic origin who lives at the Lake Baikal, being a keynote speaker along with other teachers of the Institute.
On Sunday, March 6th Valentin will give an all-day long experiential workshop on shamanic healing.
An exchange between Western psychotherapists, healers and Valentin is envisaged to take place on Monday.

Venue: Seminarhaus am Schoenberg, Freiburg (Germany)

Further information will be published on this website soon.

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