Allowing the Field to Unfold

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Date(s) - 25/09/2015 - 27/09/2015



Whenever you enter into relationship with another person, there is a “field”
which emerges into existence and wants to unfold. “Field” is not
“transference”. It contains many more aspects, needs to be accessed by
feeling, and cannot be fully analysed. There is a continuous fluctuation
between the “energies” involved. The therapist can never stay out of the field,
whatever their approach may be. To become aware of the field is a dicey
endeavour – not to be aware of it leaves out the basics.
The field’s intention to grow in consciousness is mysterious and rises out of
the constant drive to expand. Three forces are coming into play: yourself, the
other, and the driving force of the field. This force can become effective when
the therapist does not interfere with what wants to unfold. There are always
personal “habits”, such as ambition or feelings of helplessness, which wait for
an opportunity to enter the stage. You have to learn how to empty your
rational mind.
In this workshop, we want to experiment with dropping attitudes which
impede getting into the freedom of emptiness. We will expand the framework
beyond therapeutic issues and ask whether encounters can take place in
states of more freedom. Body and dream body will play an important role in
Many practical ways will be offered during the workshop of how you can
work with yourself and with clients in a therapeutic process in this framework.

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