Inner Peace and Peace of the World - Advanced Training / Retreat am Baikalsee 2022

Sommer-Retreat / Advanced Training mit Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz, Magda Solé, Jaume Mestres, Claude AnShin Thomas, Valentin Chagdaev und weiteren SchamanInnen

plus optionale ethno-therapeutische Reise durch Burjatien.

Das Baikal-Retreat ist aus Planungsgründen auf August 2022 verschoben worden (s. unten).

Im August 2021 wird leider kein Sommer-Retreat stattfinden.

Ingo Jahrsetz Portrait

Magda Jaume Portrait

Claude AnShin Thomas 1

Sandra Mahr 2020






Sommer-Retreat / Advanced Training: 8. bis 18. August 2022
Ethnotherapeutische Reise durch Burjatien: 18. bis 24. August 2022
Seminar: 2.320 EUR (alles inklusive, außer Flüge)
Rundreise: 790 EUR (alles inklusive, außer Flüge)
Information und Anmeldung
Tel. +49-(0)761-47 58 46, Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Peace, in these times, appears as something which is not possible – wars dominate the history of humankind since its onset. Violence has many forms, individual as well as collective ones; it seems to belong to the basic nature of humankind. In the 1980s, weapons of mass-destruction were able to annihilate 100 billions of people. Usually, this is known as the over-kill: With all weapons available all people living on earth can be killed more than ten times (7,8 billions / 2020).
The value of life – from a perspective of greed, hatred and delusion, it can be ignored. The value of life – from a perspective of love it transcends everything that can be measured. It is sacred and the mystery of the divine itself.

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