Integrated Training

The Healing Field – Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy


The training will consist of 9 training units of 10 days each with two training units per year in spring and autumn.

Start: Spring 2019
Training locations in Southern Germany, Paris (countryside), Barcelona, Canary Island, St Petersburg (Russia)
Tuition: about 15 000 EUR (estimate for now) plus room and board

Rainer Pervoeltz (Freiburg, Germany)
Dr Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz (Freiburg, Germany)
Bernadette Blin (Paris, France)
Dr Gennady Brevde (St Petersburg, Russia)
Dr Stefan Dressler (Freiburg, Germany)
Dr Dietrich Franke (Freiburg, Germany)
Dr Regina U. Hess (Cologne, Germany)
Dr Vladimir Maykov (Moscow, Russia)
Jaume Mestres (Barcelona, Spain)
Dr Olga Mokhina (Wolgograd, Russia)
Magda Solé (Barcelona, Spain)


For a comprehensive introduction of the curriculum please click here.

Flyer for download

More information on this training will be published here soon.


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